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Last updated on 26/02/2021



Why employ a Garden Designer?

We strongly believe that a well-designed garden not only enhances your life but also can add value to your property. Spending a small percentage of your landscaping budget on a qualified garden designer will make the end result noticeably better and save ...



BALI Awards Winner


Central London Roof Terrace Co-designed with Lucy Willcox. This sophisticated Roof Garden has been very well received by the client and we’re thrilled with the finished result. This alone made us really happy, but to now find that this project has ...



How we made a London Garden into an Environmentally Friendly Oasis

Please think before you pave over your garden, however small it may be. And that includes laying artificial grass! The consequences for the environment are huge. The Earth has to breathe. The myriad organisms which surround us, microscopic, large and small, need somewhere to live. ...



Our Camberwell Garden finalist for People’s Choice Awards

Lucy Willcox and Ana Sanchez-Martin are delighted about their garden being selected for the People's Choice Awards, sponsored by Homes and Gardens



We are SGD Awards Finalists!



Germinate-designed Muswell Hill garden features in Alan Titchmarsh’s Love your Garden

Germinate is delighted to have one of our gardens selected for ITV’s garden makeover show, Love your Garden. Our Muswell Hill garden was chosen as the inspiration to redesign a struggling garden. It was chosen because of its excellent use of the ...



National Garden Scheme – we were chosen!

It is a great honour that one of our gardens has been chosen for the National Garden Scheme. The best gardens in the country are selected to open their doors to the public and raise funds for various charities.   Our Muswell Hill garden’s ...



Dan Pearson Garden Visit – April 2014

modern garden design

Dan Pearson’s work in Kings Cross continues. Following up on his garden for the British Library, Dan Pearson has now completed Handyside, the first proper garden to be designed within the new residential areas being created at the back of Kings Cross. ...



Creating your garden – it’s a family thing

Sharing the beauty and wonders of nature is a wonderful gift for your whole family. Your own garden can be the perfect place for your children to learn some of the wonders of nature and have a place they can go to ...



Four Exotic Touches for your Garden

There are many ways you can add some exotic touches to your garden. Many UK climates will allow you to plant some varieties of palms and bamboo and there are also design details you can add to bring a little touch of ...



How to Achieve a Garden Balance

There are some gardens that seem to look a little put together with too many disjointed elements and a mish mash of live and dead plantings. Often this is due to poor planning, a lack of understanding of what plants will thrive ...



Getting the most out of your garden terrace

garden terrace

As soon as that first warm day of Summer arrives it is time to start thinking about how to make the most out of your garden. Creating an inviting space in your garden using your terrace will allow you to have access ...



Four things to consider with a terrace

terrace design

Creating a lovely spot in your garden using garden stone pavers will provide you with a place you can enjoy the summer months. However, there are ways you can plan your garden terrace so that it can be used not only in ...



Our New Website!

Well, hello there, this is our new website- hope you like it. It is a birthday present to ourselves- as we celebrate our fifth anniversary. We have just completed our first garden of the season, with many more at drawing board stage. ...