Why employ a Garden Designer?

garden landscaping

We strongly believe that a well-designed garden not only enhances your life but also can add value to your property. Spending a small percentage of your landscaping budget on a qualified garden designer will make the end result noticeably better and save you money in the process. Landscaping work, particularly in London, is expensive and planning improvements properly in advance, with the help of a professional garden designer, can help you avoid costly mistakes, as well as making your garden look lovelier than you may have done by yourself.

How much is my garden going to cost?

The cost of landscaping a garden is very dependent on the scope of the work and the specification of the design. There are a lot of factors to take into account. Generally speaking, the more soft landscaping (lawn, plants) there is in the garden, the more your budget will stretch. If, on the other hand, you want lots of hard landscaping and bespoke features, you will be looking at a higher budget. Quality contractors and quality materials may cost more initially but are a smart investment as the results are longer lived.

Access issues are also an important consideration. A lot of terraced houses have no direct access to the garden from the street, so everything has to go in and out through the house. That costs money! If you are prepared to do some of the unskilled work yourself, such as clearing the site or painting fences, you could put those savings towards, for example, bigger plants or higher quality materials.

It is always wise to share with your designer how much you wish to spend on your garden, so that decisions can be taken at every stage to fit in with that amount. We are on your side and part of our skill is help you make the right decisions as to where to spend your money. The gardens on our website range from £25K to six figures. For lower budgets it may be better to try a designer who is starting out and wants to build a portfolio. The SGD has pre-registered members who are working towards full accreditation and are enthusiastically building up their careers.