National Garden Scheme – we were chosen!


It is a great honour that one of our gardens has been chosen for the National Garden Scheme. The best gardens in the country are selected to open their doors to the public and raise funds for various charities.


Our Muswell Hill garden’s special day took place last Sunday, 25th May. We had over 200 visitors and raised a four figure amount, which is a great achievement.


It was such a lovely day, the sun shone and we had visitors from all over London, some travelling from as far as Chelsea and Fulham, most coming from North London, all there to see our humble efforts. But the most remarkable visitor came all the way from the US, yes, from New York City. Todd is a landscape designer working in the Big Apple, and he was in town for the Chelsea Flower Show; what attracted him to come and see this garden was the description in the Yellow Book regarding the Moongate. We had a great chat about the differences in gardening between the UK and US. Apparently his greatest challenge is that a lot of his clients have dogs!


Most of the other visitors turned out to be keen and knowledgeable gardeners so great conversations and tips were exchanged and some cuttings too! Everyone was incredibly complimentary about the garden, which was really flattering. A lot of people remarked on the Crinodendron hookerianum, smothered in its characteristic red lanterns; everyone wanted to know what it was but were promptly put off by the name… The Ceanothus was also in full flower and its electric blue flowers complemented the red lanterns really well.


Overall a really amazing day: it’s great to meet like-minded people who appreciate the power and beauty of gardens.


We had Anna Tott, a brilliant photographer and gardener too, taking photos and I hope you agree her efforts were outstanding!