Four things to consider with a terrace


Creating a lovely spot in your garden using garden stone pavers will provide you with a place you can enjoy the summer months. However, there are ways you can plan your garden terrace so that it can be used not only in the summer but all year round. You can work with a landscaping company to help you plan out the uses throughout the year from the lovely chill of winter to the crisp arrival of spring. Here are four points to consider when creating a seasonably favourable terrace to bring beauty and joy all year long:


The Terrace: The terrace itself should be installed keeping in mind a safe surface that will not become too slick. You have many lovely choices for creating the base of your terrace and your landscaper can make suggestions on what materials will work best for an all season terrace. Because the pavers will remain all year round they will know how to install them properly so they handle the elements gracefully and effectively.


Design Ideas: The design will depend greatly on how you intend to use your terrace. There are many uses from the basics such as dining or lounging to more interesting uses such as a play area for children. There are many design elements that can be added from structures to trellises and fountains to a fire pit. You can consider what your space will accommodate and think about weather. Many people like to add a structure overhead to protect from the rain so they can use their terrace regardless of the weather. You can also use trellises to plant not only roses but fruit such as grapes or even train a small fruit tree.


The Four Seasons: Think of ways you can make your terrace an all seasons feature. Although you might not want to venture out in the winter, you can still incorporate design features that will provide visual interest even when the snow is falling. Look at adding a border of evergreens or change up urns depending on the seasons. You can speak to your landscaper to see if it is possible to plant bulbs that will come up in the spring and then you can switch up the planters using annuals. There are also fall flowers that will work well and often last well into November.


Living Space: The last consideration is how you will furnish the space to suit your needs. Dining is usually a must but if space does not allow it might be better to have a lounging area so people can use the space whenever they want and have a place to sit and relax. You can add lovely details to create an actual outdoor room such as outdoor area rugs, chandeliers and an assortment of seating. Small bistro tables can be added off to the corner for intimate dinners or drinks when the kids are sleeping or you can add a porch swing for charm.

These four considerations will help bring your garden terrace design plans to fruition providing a lovely garden feature all year round.