Getting the most out of your garden terrace


As soon as that first warm day of Summer arrives it is time to start thinking about how to make the most out of your garden. Creating an inviting space in your garden using your terrace will allow you to have access to more space ideal for entertaining, relaxing and family fun. Your garden terrace can become even more enticing by taking a look at your space, considering your needs and getting creative.


Assessing your Space

It is hard to make plans for designing your garden terrace area without getting a good idea of the space you have available. If you already have a terrace area take some measurements and consider if it is large enough to designate for a dining or lounging area. If it seems a little small look at the surrounding area and see if it is realistic to add to your terrace space. You can make an additional edging using a complementary brick or stone. If you do not have an existing terrace area take some measurements of your overall garden and decide how much lawn or garden space you are willing to give up for your terrace in order to create a lovely stone patio.


Assigning your Space

Once you have an idea of how much space you can allot to your garden terrace you can decide how you want to use the sections of your garden. Most people will have a terrace area directly off the house; however you can choose to make a terrace area in a back corner for privacy, in the centre of the garden for interest or pool side if you have one. Consider areas you would realistically use throughout the summer such as a dining area, a place to lounge about, an area for play if you have children or pets, garden beds and a cooking area for grilling.


Designing your Space

Once you have an idea of what areas you would like to create in your garden you can speak to a garden design company, get started on your own, or make arrangements to do some work yourself and some with a landscaper. For example a landscaper might be a good choice to lay your patio stones and assist with garden bed allotment. There are some ways you can make some simple upgrades to an existing garden terrace such as adding some containers, planters and urns. You can set different moods based on your taste from upscale topiaries and evergreens to more whimsical collections of brightly coloured flowers. There are many different containers to consider from concrete to cast iron as well as wood and plastics. Shop around and see what you can afford and get planting. Containers can be placed in bunches using different heights to create interest, can flank steps or paths and can also be used to create a wall to separate spaces or add privacy.

As you can see it takes a bit of planning to get started on preparing your garden terrace for summer use. You can completely recreate your space planting new garden beds and adding a new stone patio, or simply enhance the space you have with an extension and some affordable containers.