Central London

This garden is another great collaboration between Ana Sanchez Martin and Lucy Willcox. It has just won the Principal Award for Residential Roof Garden at the 2020 BALI National Landscape Awards. Credit to the top notch installation team at Bowles and Wyer and to Outdoor Designs for the superb metalwork.

This innovative ‘Garden in the Sky’ scheme is based around a structural metal ribbon which flows through the space – forming seating, a breakfast bar and a screen. The ribbon also integrated planters and a green wall, and the space was finished with lighting and a lawn. The planting was a mixture of shrubs, perennials and groundcover, providing a beautiful display for our clients whilst ensuring a pollen source for bees. Our objectives were to cool down the space, absorb and filter pollution levels coming from the streets below and to attract wildlife.

This Penthouse roof terrace was a first for us and a very steep learning curve. We had to learn the hard way as we had to face every single obstacle which is possible to have in creating a roof terrace! Luckily, we had extremely supportive clients who believed in our design. All round amazing team effort plus great clients is a winning formula!

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Photos by Clive Nichols. Not to be reproduced without his permission